Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Simple Pleasures

As we are in one of the all-too-brief periods when the weather is pleasant enough to do so, Lisa and I are trying to spend part of our evenings sitting on the porch. One part of spring, however, is that the bugs are out taking advantage of it too, so when I went to Big R yesterday to buy more birdseed, I also bought a fresh can of insect repellent. I have always been a mosquito attractant; maybe it's the diabetes, and they can smell the sugar in my blood.

I let the bird feeder go empty a few days ago and two days ago tried to thoroughly clean it with Lysol wipes, to reduce the opportunity for the feeder to become a vector for bird illnesses. That of course means the birds lost interest in our yard, and now that I've refilled the feeder (and also set out some piles of seed in the vacant lot next door), we have to wait for them to rediscover the food. Last night, we were amused to see several quail walking through the field completing missing the piles of birdseed just a few meters away from them.

The rabbit (or rabbits; we're not sure how many of them there are around here), however, did discover that birdseed is to its liking, as I saw it chowing down on one of the piles when I went out to put up the flag this morning. I did not take a picture because it would have been blinded by the rising sun. Maybe this evening if it comes back for more.

It's amazing how relaxing it is to just sit on the porch, sip on a soda, chat with Lisa, and just watch the world (and the trains) go by. And it doesn't cost anything extra. It does remind me why we put in so much work on improving the house. I wish we had enough money to buy the lot to the east of us, but the last time I checked, they wanted more than twice the cost of our house, and it's only a vacant lot, albeit one with water and sewer hookups available. Lisa and I sometimes consider things we could do with it. Our current favorite would be to turn it into a miniature golf course.
Tags: birds, rabbits, wildlife

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