Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Birdseed Bunny

I put out birdseed in the vacant lot east of the house to attract birds back for our amusement, but it turns out that rabbits apparently like it as well.

Birdseed Bunny

This morning I remembered to get out the Sony camera with the 12x zoom (better than the 4x on my phone for this sort of thing), and when I saw the bunny having breakfast, I managed to get a couple of decent shots.

Birdseed Bunny

The rabbit is often apparently unconcerned about us, except when suddenly it seems to notice us and then it leaves quickly. However, with lots of distance between it and the front porch, it paid no heed to me and munched away on the birdseed quite contentedly.

Birds have been finding the feed as planned, as have the chipmunks that live around here as well. I haven't be able to get photos of the chipmunks yet, or the lizards that are now active with the warmer weather, as they tend to move more quickly and take off before I can get the camera turned on.
Tags: rabbits, wildlife

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