Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Birds Return

Today the warm spell broke with a series of thunderstorms. There were a couple of times the thunder was so loud that I had to go look outside to make sure the lightning strike wasn't on one of the trees around the property or next door. Obviously, we weren't going to spend much time outside in that sort of weather. It did settle down later in the day, at least long enough to go get the mail, although it did start raining again as we were walking home from collecting a package of stuff we ordered. Ironically, the material was shipped from a warehouse in Fernley; however, MSC Industrial Supply doesn't have a will-call at the Fernley warehouse of which we are aware, so what we ordered on Tuesday evening had to ship on Wednesday, probably only go as far as Reno on Thursday, then back out to the Fernley post office on Friday, then get put in our box on Saturday.

When the rain cleared, the birds came back in force. We didn't take pictures of them today, but here are a couple of some of the quail that rediscovered us yesterday evening now that we've put out birdseed for them.

Dinner for Quail

Besides these quail, there was also a lizard that kept darting in and out of the brush pile behind them, but I couldn't snap the picture quickly enough to catch it.

Dinner for Quail

Just after I took this picture, the male hopped up to the top of the brush pile briefly, presumably to stand guard, but the female decided to just leave rather than keep eating, and the male dutifully followed.

All of the birds seem to be pretty happy that the birdseed is back.
Tags: birds, weather, wildlife

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