Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

More Santa Fe Southern -- 1990s

Also among the photos I scanned yesterday are two that Lisa took from a visit to the Santa Fe Southern Railroad. This time it was when she was driving through Lamy sometime in the 1990s. (She cannot recall exactly when these were taken, and there's nothing else with the photos that would help us tie it down.) She didn't ride the train this time, but she happened to be in Lamy when the SFSR train came down from Santa Fe.

Santa Fe Southern - Lamy

This was presumably before they built the open-air platform car, as the train that day had just the one coach.

Santa Fe Southern - Lamy

Shown here running around the coach to prepare for the return to Santa Fe, locomotive 93 is the same one that pulled the train I wrote about yesterday. It's painted in a variation of the "Kodachrome" scheme used by Southern Pacific and Santa Fe during the run-up to the aborted merger of the two lines. Note Lisa's Big Orange Van parked in the distance.

I hope that the new SFSR manages to get rolling with GRRM's backing and that they can make a going concern out of it. I'd like to ride it again, possibly connecting to it from Albuquerque on the Rail Runner.
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