Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Surprise Snow

It got cold enough yesterday that we had to re-light the fireplace and plug the electric heater back in. Overnight the temperatures got down close to freezing. It didn't quite snow here in Fernley (at least not that I noticed when I got up to start work at 4:30 AM), but it got close.

Surpise Snow

Once the clouds finally parted this morning, I could see that some snow had fallen in the Pah Rah Mountains. The last accumulations from winter had melted a few weeks ago. I hear on the news that this storm did cause some traffic disruption in the Sierra Nevada.

The cold weather is supposed to end tomorrow, and within a few days it's likely that we'll be complaining about the heat and starting to think about getting the swamp cooler out and ready to run for the summer. I hope so, actually, as we're very nearly out of all firewood, and Big R did not get in another shipment of firelogs, so we are scraping the bottom of the wood pile.

A late storm like this shouldn't really be a surprise. Two years ago next weekend, Lisa and I were in Tonopah doing field research for the Tonopah Westercon bid when to everyone's surprise, it snowed, making the Jim Butler Days Rodeo somewhat soggy.
Tags: snow, tonopah, weather

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