Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

One Pile Ends, Another Begins

Only a week after clearing the winter brush pile, we have started on the summer one, for safety reasons.

Brush Pile Cleared

The brown area on the right between the camera and the garbage bin is where the brush pile was before we burned it a week ago. However, notice all of the new greenery in this field? While it's good for the rabbits, there are not enough of them to eat it all (which is probably just as well), and these little green shoots turn into tumbleweeds and other nasty things soon enough, and they are easier to weed when they're small.

Defensible Space

It's much too hot to do yard work during the day, but Lisa has been awake before dawn when the temperatures are more reasonable (overnight lows being around 17°C this past week) and in the pre-dawn twilight has been digging weeds with a Hula Hoe. This morning, I joined her and we raked out more debris and hauled it away from the fence line, where we are trying to build at least a 5 m cleared area (10 m would be better). We're not done yet, but the bushy growth along the fence in the distance need us to break out the power tools, because some of that stuff is bigger than we can tackle with the hand clippers. Fortunately, Lisa has an electric chainsaw, and there's a power outlet on a pedestal just over the fence near the travel trailer shelter to which we can connect it.

New Brush Pile

We are now dumping the yard debris where the previous brush pile was. While we may put some of it in the regular garbage dumpster on a space-available basis (there's no alternative disposal or recycling in Fernley: there is only one form of trash disposal; no composting or recycling), it will otherwise wait until next October when the fire department issues new domestic yard waste disposal burn permits.

The field next to our house does not belong to us; however, until an owner shows up to tell us otherwise (in which case we'll ask them to clean up their act), we're working to try and keep the area clear along our fence. While we are perhaps two minutes away from the fire station, the best wildfires are the ones that never got started in the first place.

In the meantime, we hope that the wildlife that use that field appreciate the new temporary habitat. During the past week. we've seen chipmunks, rabbits, and quail show up where the old pile was with a distinct air of "What happened?" about them. I can see why they'd be disappointed. There are predators around here, particularly some hawks that I've seen come swooping down on that lot, and having places to quickly shelter — the hawks can't get into the brush; we've seen them try it — is important to the little critters.
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