Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

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Credit Card Shuffle

Last night, I took the next step in resolving the credit card kerfluffle by dispatching the payment electronically that failed to get through on paper. They told me it will still take three or four days to appear. Diners Club is worse than most on this. They might credit the payment today, but their on-line statements are roughly a week behind. You'd think they'd get with the program. Anyway, once the payment actually shows up in their system, I will call them and tell them my tale.

In the meantime, American Express (with whom I have a personal card I never use) has offered me a very attractive balance-transfer deal. I've taken them up on it. If they actually approve it, a bunch of debt being charged variable rates between 7 and 15% will turn into a single 5% debt, and I can cancel at least one of those other credit cards. It doesn't actually reduce my debt, but makes it a little easier to pay off.
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