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Rabbit Conference

This morning just before dawn, I spotted two of the local rabbits across the street.

Rabbit Conference

With the front window screen getting in the way, I was just barely able to shoot a photo of these two before they headed off to the field next to the house. There was also a bird on the fence, but if it was expecting to get fed, it was going to be disappointed. Periodically I dump all of the bird seed out and wipe off the feeder with disinfectant wipes, then let it sit for a day or two, in an attempt to reduce the chance of it becoming a vector for avian viruses.

Later in the morning, when it was only 25°C (as opposed to the 39° to which it seems to have peaked today), I made a short walk around the block. Lizards scattered as I walked out onto the front porch. I also saw at least two and maybe three chipmunks (I'm not sure because whatever it was moved too quickly to be sure) foraging around the base of one of the bushes in the field next door.

With the heat we're having, sensible animals are seeking shade during the hot part of the day — except that the lizards seem to thrive on the heat — and only are visible at twilight.

The swamp cooler is working for now to keep things tolerable. Lisa is sheltering in her trailer with the air conditioner, and we both are grateful once again that we put in the work to build that shelter over it, for it keeps the sun off sufficiently for the a/c to work well.
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