Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

A Blast from the Worldcon Past

Lisa has unearthed videotapes from the 1994 Worldcon in addition to the 1994 Hugo Awards ceremony that she previously converted to digital format and that I posted. With the permission of ConAdian's parent non-profit (via the current Chair, Linda Ross-Mansfield), Lisa is converting them and I'm posting them to the Worldcon Events YouTube channel. I'm sure glad that we paid for improved internet connectivity, because these files are quite large. Here is the ConAdian 1994 Worldcon Convention Highlights. I am on here near the very end, during the Closing Ceremony, looking more or less like the user icon on this post, including having a lot more hair, and none of it grey.

Please don't complain about the video quality. This what the VHS tape looks like when you play it, so you're getting everything we had. Things weren't quite the same way (almost) thirty years ago as they are today. We did the best with the material that we had.

There is one more tape that is pending conversion, and we'll post it once Lisa has it digitized.
Tags: conadian, winnipeg, worldcon

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