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Holy Toledo!

At the risk of spreading would-be pernicious memes (go read my friends list if you don't get it)...

As the user icon may tell you, I'm not really an A's fan, but I'm not an anti-A's fan -- I just don't follow the Other League very much. No longer having a dog in the fight personally, I'd be happy to see the A's win it all. They did well to win at least one game in that dome, which is a good start. (I watched the last three innings before going to work this afternoon -- I'm still on sort-of Australian time these days. What a terrible place to play baseball! How can anyone track a fly ball against that roof?) As they say, anything can happen in a best of five series.

If I had to pick my two favorite teams in the baseball playoffs -- that is, my preferred World Series pairing -- I'd say Oakland and San Diego. But during the first round of the division series, I am a Mets fan. Beat LA!

I reckon the league and the networks would prefer Yankees-Dodgers so they could have the #1 and #2 television markets covered. But another Subway Series or an all-California Series certainly is easier on the teams, travel-wise.
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