Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Wheel 'Em In

I was surprised when I was at Pick-N-Pull that they don't keep the wheels. They apparently strip them and sell them off to wholesalers. That's a pity, because that would have been the easiest way to replace the mini-spare with a full-sized spare. This afternoon, I started calling around, and it's surprisingly difficult to find someone who sells used wheel rims. Eventually I found a place in Reno that say they have some that will fit my van. It's too late to go and get it today, but I will see about braving the 43°C weather tomorrow to go get it. I will feel more confident if the spare tire is only a couple of years old instead of more than thirty years old the way the existing emergency spare is.
Tags: astro, minivan, tire

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