Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Spare Tire Replacement

After locating a place in Reno that said they had a wheel that would fit my tire, it was time to go get it before Lisa and I hit the road this weekend for our first away-from-home together since January 2020. After I got done with work, we drove to the shop on 4th Street in Reno (where there are many light industrial shops), and after some confusion from them thinking we wanted to buy a used tire rather than a used wheel rim, they located a 15-inch, 5-lug steel wheel. After testing that it would fit on our hubs, the mounted the tire from Big O and set it the back of the van. Only $40 including the mounting and balancing, which I think is a bargain. It's not a pretty wheel, but spare tires do not need to be pretty; they just need to work.

Retired Tire

After we got home, Lisa lowered this emergency spare out of its compartment and cranked the new spare into the spare tire storage location, which is underneath the rear compartment of the minivan. I did not get a chance to take a photo of it because just as I was going out to help Lisa, I got a call on Worldcon business, and by the time that was done, Lisa had already done the work.

The mini-spare has been with the 1989 Astro its entire life, and I've had to use it maybe four or five times, with the longest trip being around 30 miles/50 km. It's given good service, but it's impossible to find a new tire for such wheels, so this tire is being retired. We'll figure out what to do with it later.

Today was a much better day to be going out and about, thanks to thunderstorms in the area, which lowered the temperatures anywhere from 5-10°C. While 32°C isn't great, it's a lot better than 42°C! Also, we got rained on while driving into Reno, which helped cool it off some more.

It looks at the moment that we'll need to go into Reno again tomorrow afternoon for another errand. After a long stretch of days where nothing was happening, now there's a bunch of things happening, it seems, too close together for comfort.
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