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Tonopah 4th of July Celebrations

On Sunday, after we returned from visiting the Eye of Sauron Crescent Dunes plant, we walked a short distance (two short blocks from the hotel) up Main Street to see the Tonopah 4th of July Children's Parade.

Tonopah Children's Parade 2021

Main Street is also a state highway. The State Police, Nye County Sheriff, and NV DOT closed a five-block segment of the road (a slow detour over back streets was available). The local VFW raised a large US flag and someone who doesn't know how to sing the Star-Spangled Banner (i.e. doesn't realize you need to start at the very bottom of your range if you're going to hit that high note, and therefore shifted keys in mid-anthem) did so, and the parade began.

Tonopah Children's Parade 2021

The first kid in the parade went tearing off ahead of everyone else, which is why there is an adult chasing after him in this photo.

Tonopah Children's Parade 2021

As you can see, our vantage point was across from Whitney's Bookstore, where Lisa and I had poked around the day before. Few people save us were masked, so we attempted to maintain 2-meter distancing. We're vaccinated ourselves, and we reckon that the altitude and sun and being outdoors reduces risk, but it's still something we keep in mind.

Tonopah Children's Parade 2021

Aside from the speed demon at the front, the rest of the kids proceeded at a more sedate pace.

The parade was short, and the road was reopened after roughly thirty minutes. Even as a main highway, there wasn't a lot of traffic backup on a holiday, and those people who were in a hurry could (slowly) make their way around downtown.

Watching this parade makes Lisa and me wonder if there is some way we could work Westercon into it. While it's nominally a Children's parade, if we donated some money to their charity and if there were enough Westercon costumers interested in staying through the final day of the convention (Monday, July 4 is the final day of Westercon 74 next year), it sounds like a short five block parade might be fun. I reckon the key thing is how many people would be willing to do it before we even consider asking the parade organizers if they are interested.

After the parade, Lisa and I took some more photographs around the hotel and convention center, which I'll post separately, then went and bought a few more groceries and retreated to the hotel room. It took me quite a while to compose yesterday's journal entries, and by the time I was done, it was nearly 9 PM, when the town's fireworks display was scheduled to begin. We drove down to the high school, which is adjacent to the Tonopah Stargazing Park. The park is closed on July 4 because they shoot off the fireworks from that area. We got our timing about right and got a parking space in the lot from which we could see the show.

Fireworks in Tonopah

Here is about one minute of out-of-focus camera-phone footage of the roughly 30-minute show, which I enjoyed. In this footage, you will probably hear a car alarm from a car diagonally adjacent to us chirping on the louder booms. During the finale, it finally was too much and the car's alarm went off full blast, but as the show was over, we could just go ahead and leave anyway.

As we left the fireworks display around 9:40, Lisa asked if we could get an orange juice, as we'd forgotten to pick one up at Raley's earlier. Both Raley's and Family Dollar close at 9 PM, so we made the rounds of the convenience stores/gas stations along Main Street. Several also had closed at 9 PM, and one that was open until 10 PM didn't have juice, but the Texaco food mart at the south end of town is still open 24 hours and had some orange juice. It's hard to say what the store hours will be next July, and some of these places that have been closing at 9 used to be open 24 hours before the pandemic. If things return to some semblance of normality, they may also return to being open around the clock to serve overnight through traffic.
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