Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


The Tamarack Fire in the Sierra Nevada and other wildfires is generating a lot of smoke, and it has blown back over us worse than yesterday. The photos below were taken around 4:45 PM today, and instead of a bright, sunny day, we have lots of smoky gloom.



Smoke obscures the mountains around Fernley.

If you stay outside for a while, you'll see some fine ashfall. I'm not going outside very much, and when I do so, I'm wearing a cloth face mask soaked in cold water to breathe more easily.

The fire does not directly threaten us — it's around 110 km / 70 mi southwest of Fernley — but you'd think it would make people more aware of the dangers of wildfires. Last night we were started several times by someone shooting off fireworks around the area. They did not appear to set anything on fire, but it certainly concerned us because it would be way too easy to do with all of the dry brush in the area.
Tags: wildfires

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