Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

More Smoke

Lisa has asked me to return to getting my breakfasts from the Wigwam by take-out, due to the large increase in COVID-19 infections in Nevada overall. I think most of that is coming out of Las Vegas, thanks to their insane rush to reopen everything and the bad behavior by nearly all concerned, and that I'm relatively safe here in Fernley for now; however, she does have a point. Also, I had a commitment this morning online, so it was just as well to go get a take-out breakfast and to continue to provide from income for the people working there. I walked to the Wigwam just after sunrise, but you almost wouldn't have known it from the deepening smoke, which, as one of the people at the restaurant said, looks like fog, but instead of being cool and refreshing is instead hot and scratchy.

Smoke Over Fernley

This and the other photos (as always, click through for more) do a better job of cutting through the smoke than the human eye does, in my opinion.

I saw the deep-red full moon last night looking like the "blood moon" of a lunar eclipse, but I didn't think I could get a reasonable photo of it with my camera phone.

I continue to mask up against the smoke as well as against potential breakthrough COVID.
Tags: fernley, smoke, wigwam, wildfires

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