Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

ConAdian Masquerade Online

Some time ago, Lisa unearthed the VHS videotape of the 1994 ConAdian Worldcon Masquerade that was among my files along with the 1994 Hugo Awards Ceremony and Highlights of ConAdian. Recently, she digitized the Masquerade, and I uploaded it to the Worldcon Events YouTube Channel.

With the permission of Conadian A (the parent non-profit corporation behind the 1994 Worldcon), and after having to mute the sound on at least one of the entries because of a copyright block, I was able to make this video public.

Note that the credits at the end were cut off in the original. Lisa thinks that the original was slightly longer than the 2 hour VHS tape onto which it was recorded.

Thanks also to Wizard's Tower Press for letting me use one of their Adobe Premiere licenses for WSFS purposes, including editing this video slightly and converting it from Panasonic P2 format (which is what is was after Lisa digitized the original tape) into MP4 format so that I could upload it.

There was one comment posted to the video that implied that being in a Worldcon masquerade would have been a highly embarrassing experience and chastised us for uploading this video, but I think it was a troll and I deleted the comment.
Tags: conadian, masquerade, winnipeg, worldcon

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