Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Capturing Quail on Video

For some time now, there have been at least two families of quail coming through the vacant lot to the east of Fernley House. However, they have been sufficiently jumpy that I've never been able to get good photos of them. I first saw them as the parents were guiding the little quail chicks around the field. They're now approaching maturity, and I finally had me, a camera with sufficient zoom, and the quail sufficiently far away to not worry (much) about me as long as I moved slowly and did not make noise. As usual, there are more photos than the ones below the cut, and you're welcome to click through and look at all of them.

Happy Quail

The parents often stand "high guard" while the chicks forage.

Happy Quail

I have set out some birdseed for them both relatively close to the front porch and this batch next to what we call the "bird bush" because so many small birds perch in it during the winter, especially when it snows.

For your entertainment, here is two minutes of two groups of quail chicks scratching around in the field.

Tags: quail, wildlife

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