Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Mousing Around

While we worked on the patio yesterday evening, Lisa pointed out a new participant in our household wildlife preserve.

Mouse Around the House

This big mouse — or is that a rat? — appears to be building a nest under the wood box, which is the large red thing in the distance. It kept poking its nose out of the hole (it's a space between two of the supports that tilt the rear of the box up so that water that gets into the box will drain out the front) until it though the coast was clear, whereupon it would run out, pick up bits of stuff from the yard, then scoot back under the box.

Rabbits, quail, lizards, and chipmunks I like. Mice and rats, not so much. We're considering what to do about this one. I'd rather not set out poison, as it is apt to kill the critters I don't want to trouble.
Tags: house, mice, wildlife

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