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SiliCon & Rugby

I spent most of the evening hanging out in the basfa party, which seemed to me to keep a decent amount of traffic and conversations going on, and that's good, given that we are down at the end of the hall like that. I have no desire to offend someone by leaving them out, but to me the standout conversation of the night was one I had with karisu_sama about The Late Unpleasantness. (If you don't know what it is, trust me, you're probably better off not knowing.)

About 11:30 PM, I realized that I was having some difficulty keeping focus. This is surprising, given the artificially time-shifted schedule I'm keeping, on which it shouldn't be much later than 6:30 PM by my body clock. However, as I'm commuting from Fremont, twenty or so miles away, I figured that it was prudent to head home sooner rather than later, as I would be unlikely to be more alert if I stuck around.

Cheryl pointed out that the USA Rugby team is playing for a spot in the Rugby World Cup against Uruguay on Saturday at 2 PM at Stanford. I've decided that I'll go ahead and go to the game, so I won't be at Silicon on Saturday until probably after 5 PM or so, depending on how long it takes to get down to San Jose after the match. I have no commitments to Silicon -- I'm not a program participant, and there aren't a lot of things on the schedule that interest me personally, so I'll probably just hang out again during the evening. The basfa or loeg parties are good places to look for me.
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