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Great Day in Sports: USA Rugby Wins Big

After figuring out where the rugby stadium was, I was able to secure a seat in the second row of the stands on the 10-meter line, which gave me a great close-up view of certain parts of the game; unfortunately for all of us in the stands, it seems like both teams choose to concentrate most of their play on the far side of the field in both halves.

The outcome of the game was never really in doubt. USA defeated Uruguay 33-7 to earn a space in next year's Rugby World Cup. Uruguay were outmatched. Even during a period when two USA players were sent to the sin bin for ten minutes, Uruguay were unable to score and in fact conceded points to the USA during the period when they were playing 15-on-13.

I noticed that Brian Vizard, who used to co-anchor the Fox Sports World rugby coverage, was doing what looked to be play-by-play above the stand where I was sitting. After the game, I went to the top row of the stands, where a tall person like me could look over the bar and catch his attention after he finished with the commentary. I told him how much I'd enjoyed his work with Fox, particularly the "Laws of the Game" segments that helped me learn the rules of rugby, and how disappointed I was when Fox gave up on everything except soccer. He thanked me and shook my hand. I unfortunately had nothing handy for autographing, or I would have asked for one.

I estimate at least a thousand people attended, some of whom were in the stands, but many of whom ringed the field, which is surrounded by only a waist-high fence. There were, unfortunately, no food concessions, so I was very hungry by the time the game ended. I went off and found food right away before returning to Silicon.
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