Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Chasing Coupons

Strictly speaking, we did not need to do grocery shopping today, but we had some coupon offers for things we would have bought anyway that were about to expire, so as soon as I could get away from work (and given that this week I'm having to start at 4 AM instead of 4:30 to accommodate some earlier-than-usual requirements from Day Jobbe, its a little easier to leave earlier), we went into Reno for groceries.

WinCo was wearing, and I hope that we can arrange some of our future shopping there to be early in the morning, because it's just too busy and too full of Covidiots. One person not wearing a mask at all laughed out loud when Lisa shied away from him. It's all a big joke to him. Personally, I have negative sympathy for such people should they catch C-19. They brought it on themselves, and they want to bring it onto us as well.

Raley's was better, possibly because as it's generally more expensive than WinCo, it may be drawing a class of customer more willing to stick with wearing masks. But that didn't stop one of the checkers from wearing her mask well below her nose, just above her lower lip. We waited until another checker came on line who was wearing his mask properly and thanked him for doing so.

Although we got away from the house at 2 PM, that meant it was just about 5 PM when we got to I-80, and that meant around a 15-20 minute slog getting onto the freeway itself, although fortunately the road itself was moving at the speed limit out to Fernley. Lisa drove us home, as it's very late in my day. Many of our meetings are being driven by demands from the offices in Europe, which is bad enough for our people in the Central and Eastern time zones, but worse for me. But I'm managing, and reminding myself that the commute is only five meters and I can work in my pajamas if I have to do so.
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