Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

A Lick of Paint

Lisa decided that the partial coat of sanding sealer on the rear deck would be sufficient, and that putting off further painting might result in long delays.

First Coat

We still have cans of Sherwin-Williams 'fireweed red' paint, and Lisa put one coat over the wood yesterday evening. Conditions permitting, she expects to put another coat down on the wood soon. She has not yet decided whether she wants to paint the concrete, as she's considering getting the same sort of outdoor carpeting that you may see in some of these photos, removing the worn parts, and laying it down over the deck.

After cleaning the brush and putting away the other tools, Lisa (joined by Kuma Bear and me) sat out on the front porch for a little while to watch the show as the quail arrived.


I inadvertently pressed the "burst" button on the camera and got a bunch more photos than I planned to get. Click through to look at the others.


Eventually, I figured out the zoom on the iPhone. As before, the several flocks of quail seem to have worked out an accommodation to put aside their differences in order to share the piles of birdseed that Lisa and I leave for them. That doesn't mean they'll not push and shove each other to get more for themselves, though.

There probably won't be many more evenings where we can enjoy sitting on the porch, so we're trying to make the most of what time we have.
Tags: deck, paint, patio, porch, quail, wildlife

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