Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Paying the Karma Forward

Nobody inquired with the Belvada about the cash I found on the street in front of the hotel two weeks ago and left with the hotel, and they agreed that it was unlikely anyone ever would. Not wanting to spend more than $100 to collect the cash, I asked Westercon 74's newly recruited local from Tonopah to collect it for me, after of course giving his name to the person at the Belvada who was holding it. At my request, he contributed it in my name to Doug & Kristen's GoFundMe campaign to pay for Doug's emergency medical expenses. I'm happy that I could help them in their time of financial need. I only wish they didn't need that help and that our broken US medical system didn't force people into making such campaigns.
Tags: medical, tonopah

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