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Great Day in Sports: Dodgers and Yankees Lose

As I was getting into the van, I heard the ninth inning of the Tigers-Yankees baseball game, with Detroit closing it out and eliminating the Yankees. I wanted so much to hear John Sterling call, "The Yankees lose! Theeeeee Yankees lose!"

And happy day, the Dodgers were also eliminated as they lost to the Mets. Cue Vin Scully with a line he actually did deliver once: "An embarrassing day for the Dodgers."

Although I picked as my optimal World Series A's-Padres, we now have a situation where I have nothing against any of the five remaining teams and just about any combination would be good. I'm not really a fan of any of them, but I'm also not an anti-fan of any of them. And I'll watch or listen to many of the games no matter what.
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