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Slow Times at SFO

I did manage to catch the 7:03 train from Centerville, but unfortunately it had to hold a couple of times for conflicting oncoming traffic, which meant that by the time I got to Coliseum, I'd missed the earlier SFO BART train; the next one got me to SFO too late to make the earlier flight to Las Vegas that would have connected me to Chicago for a 5 PM arrival. (I could have made the flight, but they told me my luggage could not -- it was only 25 minutes before departure when I got to the counter.) Instead I got three hours waiting around SFO for my 12:30 flight that boards in about fifteen minutes as I compose this. This isn't the worst thing in the world: I was able to eat a leisurely breakfast instead of something grab-and-go; I didn't fret about the queue at airport security, and they do have wireless internet access here in SFO, so I bought a day pass and signed into my work e-mail. (This is legitimately a business expense; there was some work-related mail to which I could respond and resolve things this morning instead of late tonight. They were minor, but I don't like being holding up anyone else's work.)

One advantage of getting here so early before my scheduled flight was that there was no difficulty changing my pre-assigned middle seat (yuck) to an exit aisle (yay!), which is the next-best thing to a first-class upgrade, on both legs of today's trip. I only hope that there is no difficulty in the connection at Phoenix. I have only 29 minutes schedule at Phoenix, which could make things tight if (as seems so often the case) I arrive at the end of one pier and go out on the end of one of the other piers. Obviously, unless that connection fails, I won't have time to report here whether it worked or not until I get to Chicago late tonight.

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