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CostumeCon Meeting

Following the SiliCon Feedback Session, we hung around the lobby until the rest of the members of the CostumeCon 26 committee who were able to attend arrived, after which we went to the Coffee Garden for what was, surprisingly enough, my first meal there of the weekend. (I was off-site during meal times the rest of the weekend.) It was none too soon for me, however, as I had been dozing off in the lobby sitting in front of the fireplace talking with Raven O'Neill. It's really difficult to keep the regular meal schedule my diabetes control plan calls for during a convention.

We had a nice meeting over dinner, and it was an opportunity for people to see and meet each other in this context, as we'll be working together for the next 18 months to put together CC26. I have a minor job: Site Selection Administrator.

I observed near the end of the meeting to Chairman kproche and the rest of the committee, "I don't know all of the people here that well, but assuming that those of you who I don't know are as good at what you do as those I do, I have to think that Kevin here has put together a veritable 'Dream Team' of conrunners. I look forward to working with you all."

This is not empty praise. Had I not meant it, or if it only applied selectively, I would have simply kept my mouth shut. I continue to be impressed by kproche and bovil's organizational abilities. Hey, if you haven't got your membership to CC26 yet, register now! It's going to be good.

Oh, and an incidental tip of the hat to karisu_sama from another non-profit corporate secretary. :) Which reminds me that I really need to get caught up on the last SFSFC meeting's minutes, which are now two months late. :(
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