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Fandom's Idiots and Maniacs

Anyone familiar with George Carlin's comedy probably knows his observation that drivers out on the road fall into two classifications: Idiots (anyone driving slower than me) and Maniacs (anyone driving faster than me). The discussion I re-ignited has led me to formulate a version of it for fandom. Note that "older" and "younger" below mean "got into fandom before or after me," not necessarily chronological age.
Fans older than me are hidebound, conservative dinosaurs who can't see that things are changing and evolving. They want everything to stay exactly the way it was when they first got involved. They should get out of the way and let people with new ideas forge ahead.

Fans younger than me have no appreciation for history and doesn't understand how important that it is that we preserve things the way they were when I first got involved. They should slow down and and show proper appreciation for things that came before them.

I'm sure there are more elegant ways to word this, but I hope you get the idea.
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