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Passing Through PDX

My flight from OAK left ten minutes early, and arrived more than ten minutes early, wonder of wonders. (Presumably every booked passenger turned up so they didn't have to wait for anyone.) I've checked my mail, taking advantage of the free wi-fi here at PDX, and to my relief, there was nothing demanding my attention.

I'm wearing my USA Rugby polo shirt today, and by coincidence, the person sitting next to me was at at the USA-Uruguay game last weekend, although he left at halftime and hadn't heard the final score. I'm sure glad the middle seat didn't fill. I'm not a small person, and while I didn't ask, he's looked like a prop to me -- big, beefy, and wide.

Lisa knows not to expect me at the light rail station until 6 PM, but if I'm going to catch that train, I must leave now.

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