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Work Before the Storm

Yesterday afternoon, after I dealt with the computer work, I went and helped Lisa with the broken gate on the property. We had to fight off a bunch of brambles, which she attacked with shears while I hauled the debris away. (I had gloves, but a short-sleeve shirt; next time I do this, I go get my coveralls out of storage.) Fortunately the hinges for the gate were not broken, only shoved out of shape. Lisa screwed them back into the proper shape, and I (at her direction) drove a new post for the other side of the gate (what you chain the gate to) -- the old wooden post was broken off at the base by whatever caused the gate to fall over in the first place.

Then it was over to the other side of the property, where we needed to cut back more vines and brambles so we could string a fence around a tumbledown shed that local kids have been investigating. This is dangerous; unfortunately, as it's right next to the town church, it's also attractive, so we need to fence it off.

Lisa's grandparents apparently planted grape vines around this old shed, and the vines are heavy with grapes. Lisa says that this appears to have been a really good year for grape growing in this area. As we clipped and raked, the air was filled with the aroma of grape jelly. We aren't particularly interested in in grapes, so I'm afraid they all go to waste. I suppose if we had a fruit dryer, we could make raisins.

After I drove more fence posts, Lisa wired the fencing into place, and we called it a day. I would have been happy to call that enough exercise for one day, but we were also out of milk, so after dinner, we walked the 6 km round-trip to the local grocery store.

We'd had nice weather for the first three days of my stay here, but it began to rain overnight, so we did no more work around the property. We did drive into Stayton to buy more substantial groceries than the small store over in Lyons stocks, but otherwise took things pretty easy.

After four days of vacation, I have to get back to a slightly more normal schedule starting tomorrow, as I'm working from Oregon all of this coming week.

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