Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Put a Guard Over that Reset Button, Eh?

My father-in-law, while tinkering around in his home office, managed to reset his router (again). I didn't write down the settings from his ISP when we dealt with this earlier in the week, so we hunted around and found what looked like a bunch of settings from them. They didn't work. After trying everything that seemed plausible, I gave in and called their tech support, re-opening the existing call. I think I may have gotten the same tech-support person, too. He sounded mildly peeved at me, and frankly, I don't blame him a bit. This time I wrote down the settings when he read them off to me. Sure enough, the numbers for the static IP were not the same as in the printout here, and when I put them into the router, everything worked.

The funny thing is that he's done this twice in a week after having never done it before after having the service for several years. Maybe I should write all of the settings out and tape them to the router. I have something similar at home, with a sheet taped to the wall behind the router with all of the setting information just for cases like this.

Ironically, he did this just as I was sending my (I hope) last e-mail of the night before turning in. However, if I hadn't fixed it tonight, I still would have had to fix it tomorrow morning.
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