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More Vehicle Follies

I'll say this for Hans' Foreign Auto Service: when they start working, they're efficient. I got a call from Hans this morning. (That's him on the right on the web site photo. The background in that photo must have been Photoshopped, incidentally.) He read off the list of things that need repairing on the Vanagon. Only one thing (a relatively minor one) is something for which he can do nothing. Another is more serious: a particular part is no longer manufactured, so he'll have to try to fix the existing one, which he thinks he can do, but will be more expensive (labor costs) than the part cost when it was manufactured. Anyway, expect at least $1200 in auto repairs there.

Eventually I got hold of Lisa, who had gotten home with no further unwanted adventures. She said to go ahead and instruct Hans to go forward with the repairs. Her father will probably cover the cost, because the van does technically belong to him anyway, although he doesn't use it that much. She was actually relieved when I read off the list, because now she knows that the oil leak was not due to any work she did on the vehicle. She'd been worrying that she'd caused the problem.

Lisa says that Big O has found tires that will fit her wheels, but she'll have to buy a full set of four, at over $200 each. Fortunately, one of the existing four tires is in good enough condition now that it will make a decent spare, unlike the current situation where three of the four tires are shot. Despite it being Big O's fault that we broke a lug yesterday, she plans to go back to them precisely because they admitted their mistake, apologized, and did not charge us for fixing the lug.

Meanwhile, in the accumulated mail, I got a notice from the California Bureau of Automotive Repair approving me for up to $400 coverage (after $100 co-payment) for repairs to my minivan on account of it having failed the smog check. And one of the three approved repair shops in Fremont is within walking distance of my apartment. So I just need to make an appointment and get the repairs going. With luck, things will be back in order before the registration runs out at the end of November.

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