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One Repaired Sound System Later...

Among the many things I had to do today was pick up the repaired home stereo system, for which I paid $230 additional (on top of the original $50) for the replacement amplifier. After dinner this evening, I began the laborious task of re-attaching everything. It's particularly laborious because, due to the way the shelves are set in the entertainment center, the home stereo box needs to be the bottom of the stack, with the cable box in the middle and the VCR on top. So I had to move everything out of the way, insert the stereo, and then feed the twelve speaker wires and a bunch of various other cables back where they belong. Somewhat to my surprise, I got all of the connections right the first time, and I now have the full sound system back the way it was. The TV plays, the VCR works, and DVDs play again. Now let's hope it holds together for a few more years.

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