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Resuming Routine

I collected cherylmorgan from SFO yesterday evening, as she reports on her blog. I continue to ratchet my way back toward California time an hour or so at a time, in the hope that it will avoid jet-lag symptoms.

I do need to get back on my routine of diet and exercise. I tried in Oregon, but it's harder there. I haven't gained any more weight since I hit 290, but I haven't lost any either, and I'm sure my doctor will complain at me on Monday when I have my quarterly diabetes check-up. And he'll be right to do so.

My lab results for the quarterly review came back, and I'm pleased to see that my glycohemoglobin A1C level is down just slightly, to 5.2% (non-diabetic range is 4.8 to 6.0). My cholesterol levels (which were too low) have come up so that the HDL "good" cholesterol is finally over 40. (LDL is 70, desired range 0-130; total cholesterol is 126.) I'm still considered borderline low, however.

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