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DVDs and Me

One of the things we never did after Interaction was to produce a Masquerade Video, although we do have the raw camera shots on a DVD that John Maizels gave me on the last day of the convention. I loaned this to bovil once and he gave it back to me along with a cleaned-up version that has a bit more functionality and will play on my DVD player, not just on the DVD drive on my computer. So, I was asked to make a copy of that DVD. I have two DVD-RW drives. I have what purports to be software that will allow you to copy DVDs. The DVD I was trying to copy wouldn't have been copy-protected -- it's not a commercial release. The software said it copied correctly. I can view the copy using the DVD drive on my computer. But the copy won't run in my DVD player -- it says it's not the right format. I wonder what I did wrong.

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