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Getting a Charge on the Way to Japan

One of the long legs of my trip to Japan next year is on an Airbus A330, and Northwest claims that these aircraft have at-seat power outlets for computers. This is good, because there's no way we can carry enough batteries to power two laptop PCs for eight hours. There was nothing I could find on Northwest's web site giving the plug specifications, however. I wanted to make sure that you didn't need some sort of special plug adapter only available by mail order in advance or something stupid like that. (I do seem to remember at least one airline pulling a stunt like that.) Anyway, I wrote to Northwest customer service about this, and their reply, in part, is reassuring:
-110 volt/60 hertz/75 watts max
-current is available in-flight above 10,000 feet only for portable computers/laptops and DVD players.
-One PC power outlet per seat in the following rows for PC power outlets:
-Business/World Class: 1-6
-Coach Class: 10-28
-World Business Class and Coach Class accepts two and three prong US plugs and most 2 prong European plugs.

I would think they'd want to put this on their web site. Possibly they take the outlet type so much for granted that they didn't think anyone would ever ask.

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