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Walking the Walk

As I've mentioned, I try and get out and walk as often as I can these days. After lunch today, I walked down the road from my office about 1 km or so to a T intersection. I needed to get back to the office, so I didn't continue across the road, but observed that it looked like a wildlife preserve and there might be walking trails. I also noticed that there was an imposing looking gate with flashing red lights, which suggested that maybe it was something more than that. Later I looked on the map: Ah, I see: it's a gate to Fermilab. Alas, the map on the web site seems to show this is not a public gate and that the public areas are on the opposite side of the facility. Too bad!

Tonight after dinner, I went for a walk going a different direction than any of those I've done so far since I got here. I have no detailed local map, so I wasn't exactly sure where I was going to end up, but I hoped not to have to simply retrace my steps. I prefer to do a loop as often as possible rather than an out-and-back. I did eventually loop back to the hotel, but it took a bit longer than I originally planned. Based on my usual walking pace, I probably walked about 7 km.

The following observation applies to the streets of Naperville and Aurora where I've been walking, but it applies equally to lots of other places as well. It annoys me that developers these days build sidewalks with no access to the properties they adjoin other than by walking through the driveways and dodging automobiles. I speculate that the developers only put the sidewalks in at all because zoning laws require it. I doubt that they consciously think "Let's make it harder for people on foot to get into the property," but rather than it never occurs to them that anyone actually will walk on those sidewalks -- they are merely ornamental, so there is no practical need for them to actually connect to anything.

This series of days of getting up on Central Time and staying up on Pacific Time is starting to catch up with me, and with a sufficient bit of walking done today, I'm going to see about catching up on some sleep now.

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