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Cleaning Up

We spent most of today tidying up the apartment and rearranging things, especially as we anticipating buying better desks and shelving soon. We have one closet that is not used for storing clothes, but instead had a bunch of things in it stored loosely. I also have four two-drawer filing cabinets that I acquired from Menlo's discard pile when we moved from Redwood Shores to San Mateo. Two of the cabinets were in the storage closet off the patio, and the other two were sitting around the apartment, inconveniently blocking traffic. We decided we could clear out the closets and put the file cabinets in the closets. After much shuffling around, this worked, barely.

We are likely going to have at least one and possibly two smaller sets of shelves that are surplus to requirements coming available soon. Once we get them sufficiently cleared, I will take pictures of them. If anyone reading this could use a couple of sets of shelves and can make it either to my apartment in Fremont or to a BASFA meeting, let me know -- they are yours if you want them. Otherwise, we probably will donate them to charity if they'll take them.

(Specs: #1 is 30" h x 30" w x 11.5" d, three shelves, metal framework. #2 is 28" h by 35" w x 15" deep, two shelves, wood. Both are in good condition; we just need to use the space more effectively.)

I'd consider trying to sell them on eBay, but the shipping is almost certainly more than the value of the items themselves, which seems wasteful to me.

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