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BASFA In Exile

BASFA's meeting-in-exile at the Newark Round Table went pretty well, with between 15 and 20 people attending (so I did not mislead the RT management). Those of us who live nearby got a short trip to the meeting for a change. (I worked from home today, so it was even better.) We even had members who have seldom attended except at Worldcon because their work-commute patterns won't work with a trip to Campbell. And the meeting room appears to be almost acoustically isolated from the main room where the big screen TV was showing the Seahawks slog it out with the hapless Raiders.

During a discussion of the reasons why we had to relocate today's meeting (tomorrow's election makes our normal space unavailable because it's being set up for a polling place) and why we got bumped last week, I offered the following opinions:

1. Because we meet weekly, there is a very good chance over time that no matter where we meet, we will sometimes get bumped by clueless management, particularly if the day and night management never talk to each other.

2. I would be happy if we could do an alternate-weeks meeting thing, with meetings alternating between (say) the Campbell Hick'ry Pit and the Newark Round Table; however, I think that collectively, our group is too flaky to manage that as a permanent arrangement. A one-off like tonight is not a problem (as Trey observed), but we have to have a long-term stable meeting location.

On the short drive home, cherylmorgan further noted that we have members who will go away for months at a time and who expect us to stay in the same place so that they can always come back to the same place when it's convenient for them.

Besides, if we tried alternate-weeks meeting locations, we'd probably have to abandon meetings on the fifth Monday of each month, or something like that. (I wouldn't actually mind a schedule of 1/3/5 in Campbell and 2/4 in Newark, even though it means that several times a year we'd meet in Campbell two weeks in a row.)
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