Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Sleeping In

As my first panel today is not until 4 PM, I had the luxury of not having to set my alarm clock last night and could get up when I felt like it. Still, I can't sleep all day, and for medical reasons (I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes about eight months ago), I need to eat meals at regular intervals. So I need to get my day started. Besides, I still have a lot of writing to do.

The more I write for my GoH talk, the more I wish I'd asked for a data projector so I could have used the slides I made for my exhibit to go with it. In many respects, my talk is an elaboration of the stuff I put in the exhibit, with some other stories thrown into the mix to try and keep it entertaining. Some periods of time are going to get short shrift, because while they might have been successful, they aren't all that interesting. Moreover, once I have everything written down, I expect to end up having to cut a bunch of it. With me, it's hard to start writing, but once I start, it's sometimes difficult to stop.
Tags: cascadiacon, nasfic

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