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Game On!

I heard on the radio this morning that the Chicago Blackhawks will play host to the San Jose Sharks tonight at the United Center in Chicago. For some strange reason, when my company sends me on a business trip to a city with an NHL team during the hockey season, the Sharks seem to come to town while I'm there. I checked the Blackhawks' web site, and there appear to be tickets available at most price levels, including some that I can afford. A little bit of research shows that I should be able to take the train from where I am to Union Station and either walk to the United Center (looks like about 3 km on the map) or take a bus, and that trains run sufficiently late at night that I should be able to get home. So I'm heading off to the train station to see if I can make it happen. Had I known this was going to happen (I hadn't checked sports schedules before coming out here), I would have brought my Sharks cap.
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