Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

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Now I Suppose Someone Will Accuse Me of Trying to Hide It

SFSFC meets three times a year, and the next meeting is tomorrow at the Fremont-Centerville train station meeting room. Details on the SFSFC site. While driving home tonight from grocery shopping, I realized that while I'd sent out both the required mail notices and plenty of e-mail notices to the directors, I forgot to send a message to the e-mail list of people who have in the past said they wanted to be informed of SFSFC meetings.

Rats! Now it's pretty much too late to send out such a notice, since the meeting is at 11 AM tomorrow.

Well, it wasn't that I was intentionally trying to keep the meeting a secret; it was just a mistake caused by my focusing too intently on making sure the actual directors were kept informed.
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