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Adventures in Furniture

Our apologies to anyone expecting us to be at BASFA this evening. We really thought we'd be there. We'd allocated about 2 hours to go to IKEA East Palo Alto and buy furniture that we'd already scoped out days ago, looked up in the catalogs, and for which we had the numbers already written down. Because some of the pieces are too big to fit into my van, we figured that we would have them all delivered. Then we could go to BASFA, no problem.

Then we tried to buy some of the pieces. Big problem. Some of the items -- which are on a really good sale, and that's why we want to buy them -- are now out of stock on the low shelves where we could get them. There are more of them up on the high shelves, but they won't pull them down until after closing time on account of they won't use the heavy lifts when customers are about. They also won't let us buy one today and then deal with delivery logistics tomorrow. Nope, the items have to be down on the floor and immediately available, or no dice.

So we decided to buy those things that we could today, and go back in tomorrow morning first thing, so we'd be there when the doors open and (we hope) get one of the remaining sets.

Then it came to look at delivery. We got the delivery charges: $75 + $0.10/lb for each pound over 300. We decided that we'd fit what we could into my van, because the large items will use up the weight allowance. We managed to fit all but two of the items we bought tonight into the van (barely, with a set of shelving sticking up by my head). Then we took the two oversize items to the delivery desk and a nice woman there said we could come deal with them tomorrow morning.

By then it was about 8:15 PM, the rain was starting to fall harder, and we decided we'd better just go straight home to Fremont with the heavy load of shelving. It made me glad that my van is badly overpowered. If it can tow 5,000 pounds, then 500 pounds of shelves shouldn't be a problem. In fact, it probably made the van handle better, on account of putting more weight on the wheels in that wet weather.

Unloading wasn't so bad. I could use my folding luggage cart (300 lb. capacity) for some pieces, and Cheryl and I could manage the others. The living room is now full of flat packs. No assembly until tomorrow; we're too tired.

Fingers crossed that we can manage to do all of the stuff we need to do tomorrow and that there won't be a dozen people queued in front of us tomorrow waiting to buy up the furniture we want. I have to e-mail my office and tell them that I'm having a minor household emergency and will work from home (again) tomorrow.
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