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More Adventures in Furniture

We were at IKEA when the doors opened, and we headed straight to the stacks, where we could not find the items we wanted. Despite the signs touting the existence of the larger pieces, the staff said they couldn't find any, so, rather than take our chances driving to Emeryville, we decided to take what they had. Besides, the desks we bought yesterday are too large to fit in my van and will have to be delivered, so we needed to get as much into a single delivery as possible.

After spending around 45 minutes waiting for the staff on the warehouse floor to tell us that they couldn't find the large items (and standing guard over one of the few mediums available to prevent someone else from snagging it) and another 45 minutes waiting through the queue to order delivery, we were finally done. After securing a couple of smaller pieces we'd also purchased in my van, I said to cherylmorgan "We need a reward for surviving the IKEA experience. Coffee and cinnamon rolls in the Bistro!"

Today we must start assembling some of the pieces we brought home yesterday (and getting rid of the older stuff we aren't keeping), along with boxing up loose stuff (mostly books) to get them out of the way long enough to make room to do the assembly and so forth. The next few days are going to be very busy, particularly, I think, when we have to disassemble the entire computer room and remove all of the machines from it so we can get the existing folding desk and shelves out of it and install the pair of desks we just bought.
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