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Today, we went shopping, and, among other things, bought storage containers that will fit under the new bed. (The old one sat directly on the floor; the new one has space under it, hooray.) Then we went home and tackled building a chest of drawers. This is a lot more complicated than the BILLY bookcases, but we managed. Unfortunately, one of the two small drawers appears to have had a critical hole drilled 1/16 inch off from where it should be. (This is based on comparing it to its twin.) It won't go together properly. So we assembled the rest of the thing and put it in place, and we'll take it over to IKEA and see if they can replace just the one piece.

Some of you who helped us move to this place read this LJ. Today was the first time we'd cleaned behind the old chest of drawers since y'all helped us move it into the corner in the master bedroom. What a pile of dirt had accumulated back there!

We paid IKEA's delivery people extra to haul away the old mattress. To my annoyance, I learned today when we took several more boxes of old clothes to St. Vincent de Paul that they do take old mattresses and box springs. Goodwill won't accept them, but it looks like SVDP runs a facility in Oakland that recycles mattress components. Still, if we hadn't paid the delivery people to haul the old stuff away, getting the mattress and box the 1 1/2 miles down to SVDP would have been a considerable challenge. Short of renting a truck (which would have cost as much as paying the delivery company), I might have tried tying it to the roof of my van, but boy, that seems like a very dicey thing, even with a roof rack.

Slowly but surely, the condo is coming back to normal, and a much better-organized place it is becoming. Tomorrow is the biggest challenge of all, I think: tearing apart the office and building the pair of GALLANT office tables, then reassembling the office. Fingers crossed that it all comes together.
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