Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

I Went to a Fight, and a Hockey Game Broke Out...

As I mentioned in my previous entry, there were a bunch of fights in last nights Sharks-Blackhawks game, but many of them were in slow motion. Earlier in the game, the set-tos were legitimate, with the players banging away at each other, but later, they seemed pretty reluctant to actually do anything, or apologetic at having gotten mixed up. Watching two players hold each other in slow motion for quite a while before actually swinging at each other, I fancied the following conversation between them:

"You really shouldn't have cross-checked me like that."

"Sorry about that; I didn't mean anything by it. So, how's the wife and kids?"

"Happy to have me out of the house and earning money again."

"Mine too. I don't really want to fight, you know."

"Yeah, but we've already started, so you know we're both going to get five minute penalties."

"We'd better give the fans their money's worth, then."

"I guess so; this game's pretty shot anyway. Want to go out for a beer after the game?"

"Sure, sounds good. Okay, here goes." *smack*
Tags: sports

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