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Mopping Up Furniture Blogging

On my way to the office today, I swung over to IKEA to deal with bits and pieces -- literally! After a long wait for my number to be called, I gave them the extra "anti-earthquake" wall bracket and most of the Allen wrenches, and they gave me a replacement end-cap for the one that broke and also eight of the mounting pins for the extra BILLY shelves we bought yesterday. I then went and had another coffee and cinnamon roll.

So, after five or six store visits and considerable waiting, I think we finally have everything we needed from this round of redecorating. But it certainly was a lot cheaper than it would have been from a "full service" store, and the furniture looks really good. Indeed, the older bookcases left over from the Slan Shack or salvaged from Menlo suffer considerably by comparison. However, we need to spend some time paying for all of the furniture we bought this time around before considering buying anything else, I think.

Oh, and I finally got around to making an icon for all of my furniture blogging, and I went back and changed the older entries to boot.
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