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Tire Go Boom

...fortunately, not mine, and fortunately, not too close to me.

While driving from IKEA to my office up northbound US-101, approaching the Whipple Avenue overpass, I saw about a quarter-mile ahead a large cloud of what looked like dust and a bunch of brake lights coming on suddenly. I joined the crowd of people slowing down, as I thought there had been an accident. Approaching the scene, I could see large pieces of what had once been a tire on a large vehicle (a crane-type rig), said tire obviously having suffered catastrophic failure. The big-rig limped over to the right shoulder, which was narrow at that point, which left it partially blocking the auxiliary lane.

Dodging another piece of "rubbage," I hit the voice-dial on my phone and called it in to KCBS. They dutifully reported it on the next "traffic on the eights," and I got another name check. That's two in two weeks. Still, I'm not sure I want to be close to accidents or near-accidents like that.

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