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Furniture Disposal

My father, who lives near Oroville, has agreed to take on the old chest of drawers as a project. He has a fully equipped woodworking shop. Having used some of those tools myself, I expect it will be a fairly easy project -- it mainly needs the bottom runner replaced, and the bottom shelf redone. If he decides to strip and refinish the thing, when he's done he'll have a very nice hardwood chest of drawers. So sometime in December -- probably the weekend after SMOFCon -- we'll squeeze it into my van along with other things we want to move to storage and haul it up to his place. The only bad part is that the only place I have for the chest of drawers until then is out on my patio, where it will be exposed to the elements, and possibly the Wrath of Condo Management, who do not like people storing stuff on the patios like that.

Tomorrow, I plan to take the two small shelves (and a rolling printer shelf) over to dinogrl's school in the morning. I hope they'll be able to make good use of them.

Addendum, 10:15 AM: My mother says she'll take the extra television set. Hm, the mid-December trip is looking crowded. We may need to try wrestling the seat out of the van after all in order to make room for everything we'll be taking north. But the apartment will be far less cluttered after we're done.

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