Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Brief Encounter With the Internet

While I did not bring my computer with me on this trip, the hotel in which I stayed last night (Quality Suites Marysville) has a couple of computers off the lobby, so I was able to briefly check mail.

The train trip from Fremont-Centerville to Sacramento was uneventful, and as the train had an extra car, we avoided the horrible overcrowding we had last year. I didn't get one of the singles, but had time to eat my lunch between Fremont and Berkeley, when someone took the other seat and promptly fell asleep. We did get to standing room only at Martinez, but it wasn't wall-to-wall and end-to-end like last year, and I expect the relatively small number of people who didn't get a regular seat were able to sit in the cafe car.

Sacramento station was a madhouse. Gene, the Capitol Corridor GM whose e-mail I quoted a few days ago, was walking around with a bullhorn and a sign around his neck that said "Ask Me About Ticket Vending Machine Help." He was very busy, but I briefly thanked him for having been so helpful, shook his hand, and said we needed more people like him working for the railroad.

Lisa is hovering here showing how boring it is to watch someone else use a computer, so we need to get going out to my grandfather's house for our family Thanksgiving.

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