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Probability & Statistics Seminar at SMOFCon

It looks like -- should there be sufficient demand -- that I'll be organizing another Texas Hold-Em Tournament at SMOFCon this coming weekend in Kansas City. I've defined "sufficient demand" as at least ten people signing up for $10 buy-in (1000 chips), top four positions cashing (60/25/10/5, rounded up, with fourth place being odd-player-out in the rounding if necessary). Ideally we'd get at least 20 players; we had 18 last year.

Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the nice little Texas Hold-Em Tournament Clock software I was given last year, and can't find it on any of my systems. This is irritating, because it means I'll have to keep track of the blind progression manually.

I figured we'd start with the blinds small for the first three 20-minute rounds, then increase the ramping so we can aim to be finished within three hours. That produces this blind progression:

Minutes/Small/Big Blinds
0 10/20
20 20/40
40 40/80
60 60/120
80 100/200
100 200/400
120 500/1000
140 1000/2000
160 2000/4000
180 3000/6000
200 4000/8000
220 5000/10000

With this progression, you pretty much force people all-in after a while, but that's intentional. We don't want to be there all night.

Last year, the heads-up round was somewhat extended by the rather unlikely event of thirteen consecutive all-in survivals.
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